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On Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 5.00 p.m.
“A New Royal Family in Early Anuradhapura Period”

Ishankha Malsiri
Researcher, University of Peradeniya

Past Lectures


Modern Sinhala Poetry: In Between Tradition and Modern - Prof. Jayantha Amarasinghe (Professor of Sinhala, University of Ruhuna), Past event! on 23 February 2015 13:00
939 days and 10:18 hours ago.
23 February 2015 15:00

Perfect Mental Health: a Contemplative Neuro –scientific Exposition of Body, Mind and Consciousness - Dr. Wasantha Gunathunga, Past event! on 28 February 2011
2395 days and 23:18 hours ago.
28 February 2011

Buddhist heritage of the Eastern province as depicted in Sanskrit inscriptions - Prof. Induragare Dhammaratana, Past event! on 31 January 2011
2423 days and 23:18 hours ago.
31 January 2011

Sacred Sites of Myanmar: Sri Lanka connections Myanmar connections in the context of Sri Lanka-South East Asia connections - Dr. Donald M.Stadtner, Dr. Hema Goonatilake, Past event! on 26 January 2011
2428 days and 23:18 hours ago.
26 January 2011

Sri Lanka Studies outsides Sri Lanka: Challenges and Opportunities - Prof. Karori Singh, Past event! on 17 January 2011
2437 days and 23:18 hours ago.
17 January 2011

Compiling an Illustrated Glossary of Pali Terms (The meaning of tanha and dukkha) - Bhikkhu Dr. Varado, Past event! on 13 December 2010
2472 days and 23:18 hours ago.
13 December 2010

An Inside View of Eelam War IV - Dr. Singha Raja Tammita Delgoda, Past event! on 03 December 2010
2482 days and 23:18 hours ago.
03 December 2010

The Supra-mundane Society of Buddhism - Prof. Oliver Abeynayake, Past event! on 29 November 2010
2486 days and 23:18 hours ago.
29 November 2010

Deeghavapi Conservation Project - Dr. Senerath Dissanayake, Past event! on 24 November 2010
2491 days and 23:18 hours ago.
24 November 2010

Sri Lanka’s Role in the Spread of Buddhism in the world - Dr. Ananda W.P. Guruge, Past event! on 15 November 2010
2500 days and 23:18 hours ago.
15 November 2010

Place names in the North and East - Prof. C. Dharmawardana, Past event! on 11 November 2010
2504 days and 23:18 hours ago.
11 November 2010

Resurgence of Buddhism during the Colonial period - Prof. M.U. de Silva, Past event! on 25 October 2010
2521 days and 23:18 hours ago.
25 October 2010

Rev. D.J. Gogerly, RAS(CB) & the Revival of Buddhists - Prof. Tissa Kariyawasam, Past event! on 27 September 2010
2549 days and 23:18 hours ago.
27 September 2010

The Ancient Irrigations Systems of Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Compared with the Reservoir Based Irrigation Systems of Sri Lanka and New perspectives on the Anicut Systems (Amunas) of the Former Kandyan Kingdom. - Dr. C. R. Panabokke, Past event! on 30 August 2010
2577 days and 23:18 hours ago.
30 August 2010

Malayadesa - Prof. Sirimal Ranawella, Past event! on 26 July 2010
2612 days and 23:18 hours ago.
26 July 2010

Ramayana Trail Symposium, Past event! on 17 July 2010
2621 days and 23:18 hours ago.
17 July 2010

Laos and Sinhalese Connections - Dr. Hema Goonatilake, Past event! on 28 June 2010
2640 days and 23:18 hours ago.
28 June 2010

Ancient Construction and Contemporary Conservation and Restoration of Stupas of Sri Lanka - Prof. Munidasa P. Ranaweera, Past event! on 31 May 2010
2668 days and 23:18 hours ago.
31 May 2010

China – Sri Lanka Historical Relations: An Overview - Dr. Hao Weimin, Past event! on 29 April 2010
2700 days and 23:18 hours ago.
29 April 2010

August 29th

The Reward Management Practices Applied in Managing Human Resources in Monasteries with Reference to the Epigraph of King Mahinda IV (1026-1042 CE)

Ms. Dinithi Padmasiri, Lecturer, Dept. of Human Resource Management, University of Kelaniya, Ven. R. Sirisumangala, Lecturer, Dept. of Social Sciences & Comparative Studies, Bhikshu University of Sri Lanka

September 26th
Sri Lankan Identity of the Sitar – a Lecture-demonstration

Pradeep Ratnayake, Head of the Dept. of Languages, Cultural Studies & Performing Arts, University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

October 24th
Recreational Mathematics in Mediaeval Sri Lanka

Anuradha Mahasinghe, University of Colombo

November 28th
Ancient Anuradhapura Society: Its Psychological Attitudes

Dr. Susantha Goonatilake, Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka.
July 25th
Two millennia of Coins of Sri Lanka

Brig. Siri Munasinghe, Independent Researcher