(a) Any person who is in agreement with the objects of the Society and desirous of becoming a member shall have his application proposed and seconded by two members, one of whom shall be a member of the Council and who are not in arrears of subscription.

(b) Criteria for Membership
“In order to qualify for membership, the applicant should posses

  1. i.    A first degree or higher degree in the humanities, social sciences, pure and applied sciences, from a recognized university or equivalent qualifications
  2. ii.    Any person without a first degree or equivalent professional qualifications but who has made a recognized research contribution in the areas set out in the object¬ of the Society will also be eligible.”

(c)  The applicant shall also append to his/her application a copy of his/her bio-data including any research in his /her fields of interest.

(d) The proposer and seconder shall ensure that the Form has been duly filled and the particulars given are true and correct.

  1. (a) All applications so received shall be displayed on the Notice Board for not less than 10 days, during which period any objections to such applications could be lodged with the Hony. Jt. Secretaries by the members of the Society, and at the expiration of such period, the Secretaries shall submit the applications to the Finance and Administration Committee for its consideration, with the recommendations pertaining to all such applications and any objections that had been received.
  2. (b) The recommendations of the Finance & Administration Committee shall be tabled at the Council Meeting, immediately following its meeting, for its consideration and decision.  The decision of the Council, thereon shall be final and conclusive.
    1. (a) The Hony. Jt. Secretaries shall forthwith inform in writing: every newly elected member of his election, and every member so elected shall abide by the Rules of the Society, and the Code of Ethics.
    2. (b) All monies paid by such applicants, whose applications have not been approved by the Council, shall be refunded in full.