Special Collections

McAlpine CollectionA collection of books belonged to late Mr. W.R. McAlpine, former member of the RAS Council donated in 1994 by his heirs, Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Mary Johnson. The collection contains 120 books.S.D.Jayasundera Collection Mr. Manukulasooriya CollectionDonated by Mrs. Manukulasooriya as his wish.

Charles Ambrose Lorenz Collection A collection purchased by the RAS by the Asia Foundation from Mr. Guy Grenier in 1964. This consists of 42 volumes which include C.A. Lorenz’s writings, poetry, sketches, letters, appreciations, speeches, lectures, The Christmas Debates, his last will, newspaper cuttings and other Lorenziana.
P.R. Anthonis Collection A collection of books and journals donated by Dr. P. R. Anthonis in 1989.