The Society consist of Honorary, Life, Ordinary Members (Resident or Non-Resident,) and Institutional Members (local or foreign).

Honorary Membership
Persons who have in the opinion of the Council, rendered noteworthy and memorable service towards the attainment of the objects of the Society may be elected as Honorary Members.

Such persons, whose prior consent has been obtained may be elected as Honorary Members, at a meeting of the Society on the recommendation of the Council.

The Honorary Members so elected shall be informed of their election under the seal of the Society and signed by the President and Honorary Jt. Secretaries.

There shall not be more than twelve Honorary Members of the Society at any one time.

Honorary Members shall be entitled without payment, to all the privileges enjoyed by other Members.

Persons desirous of becoming Members of the Society shall apply subject to provisions in Articles 14-17 below

Ordinary Member
An Ordinary Member, whether Resident or Non Resident, would be eligible to be elected a Life Member on the payment of the Annual subscriptions for a continuous period of twenty five (25) years
(a) Resident Status
(i) Citizens of Sri Lanka, residing in the Island, and
(ii) Foreign spouses of Sri Lankan citizens, residing in the Island on valid visas, shall have Resident Status. Such members, who have been resident out of the Island for over a year may, claim Non-resident status, and may upon their return to the Island apply for reversion to Resident status.
Ordinary Members who are not citizens of Sri Lanka  will be considered Non-Resident members.
(b) Non-Resident Status
Ordinary Members who are not citizens of Sri Lanka, other than those in category 12(a) (ii) above, will be considered Non-Resident members.

Institutional Members
Any Society or Institution which pursues or has an interest in the objects of the Society may, on application, be considered for enrolment as an Institutional Member.  Such Society or Institution shall be entitled to send one representative to the General Meetings of the Society.  Such Society or Institution shall, at their Annual General Meetings elect a representative who will be entitled to be present and vote at the General Meetings of the Society.  The Society shall be informed of such elections in writing as and when they are held, appending an extract of the relevant minutes, certified by the President, of the applicant Society or Institution.