Every applicant for membership shall pay in advance an entrance fee of Rs. 250/-, together with Rs. 1000/- as subscription in advance for the year of his enrolment; and the Life Members shall pay in advance the full life membership fee of Rs. 3000/- along with the entrance fee. Ordinary Members on being elected shall pay an annual subscription of Rs. 1000/- for every subsequent year or part thereof during which he remains a member.

The annual subscription shall be paid on or before the last day of January each year. Members who fail to do so shall be informed in writing by the Hony. Treasurer of their omission. If a member’s arrears of subscription remain unpaid for two successive years, even after such reminders, unless the Council specifically decides otherwise for good reason. A member who has not paid his subscription shall not be entitled to vote or exercise any right, receive any benefit or enjoy privileges of a member, during the period of two years grace extended to him to pay his arrears.

The entrance fees and subscriptions applicable to the different categories of Members shall be as follows :

Category Entrance Fee Subscription
Life(Resident) Rs.250/= Rs. 3,000/=
Life(Non-resident) US$ 10/=* US$ 200/=*
Ordinary(Resident) Rs. 250/= Rs. 1000/=
Ordinary(Non-resident) US$ 3/=* US$ 50/=*
Institutional(Sri Lanka) Rs. 250/= Rs. 5000/=
Institutional(International) US$10/=* US$ 50/=*

*Payment could be made in US$ or equivalent in Sri Lankan Rupees.

The rates shown above shall be subject to revision by the Society as and when deemed necessary. Such revision of which due notice has been given shall be taken up at an Annual or Special General Meeting of the Society.