Code of Ethics & Conduct

Code of Ethics:
The Members of the RASSL shall be intellectually honest and members shall at all times:

  1. a. Not falsify results and fairly represent results as they honestly perceive them.
  2. b. Fairly record the intellectual material and practical contribution of others to their work.
  3. c. Ensure joint authors of publications and reports share responsibility for their contents.
  4. d. Retain all types records as long as practical and where not commercially or personally sensitive, make them available for others to access
  5. e. Not falsify one’s qualifications, experience and competence.
  6. f. Not allow or commit plagiarism

Code of Conduct:

Members shall behave with integrity and professionalism and members shall at all times:

  1. a. Adhere to the laws of intellectual property rights
  2. b. Conduct themselves in a manner that strives to enhance the objectives and rules of the Society.
  3. c. Shall not engage in criminal activity.
  4. d. Demonstrate integrity and academic professionalism and observe fairness and equality in matters pertaining to research in keeping with the objectives of the Society.
  5. e. Strive not to compromise the welfare, health and safety of the community and environment.

Any members in violation of the above code of Ethics and Conduct shall be removed from membership of the RASSL after due inquiry